About Jeremy Barbouttis

What can Jeremy Barbouttis help you with?

How can Jeremy use his expertise with Hypnotherapy and Counselling to assist you?

In the first session, Jeremy will assist you to begin to take a deeper look into the concerns that you have. If it is an addiction, he will help you discover what might be driving the addiction. If it is an emotional problem, again, he will be able to assist you to become more aware of what underlies it. When it comes to Clinical Hypnotherapy, you will then have a head start, because one of the greatest benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy is getting to the underlying concern and being able to let it go.

As Jeremy is also a skilled counsellor and psychotherapist, he will again be able to assist you in a structured and competent way to resolve your issue(s) using other interventions that either compliment, or are more appropriate than Clinical Hypnotherapy as you work your way to a resolution.

Most people either cease their addictions and habits in the first session (followed by support sessions), or with emotional concerns, feel better, particularly once they find they have discovered a means to resolve their emotional concerns, worries and anxieties.

What kind of environment does Jeremy Barbouttis offer?

Right from the moment you make the phone call, or send off the message to make the appointment, Jeremy aims to provide a safe, empathic and confidential environment and acknowledges the importance and trust his clients place in him. Jeremy wants to help you, and derives a great deal of satisfaction from helping you achieve any therapeutic goals and overcome any personal concerns you might have. The professional, yet warm and friendly atmosphere he provides is aimed at helping you to relax and derive as much as you can from the time you spend with him.

Jeremy also acknowledges that in most cases it is a big step coming along to a therapist like Jeremy. So, his goal is to help you feel safe, familiar with the room and ready to begin. Jeremy is very respectful of what it is you wish out of your sessions with him.

What are Jeremy Barbouttis’s accreditations?

Australian Hypnotherapists Association – Clinical Member and Clinical Supervisor

Australia Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists – Registered Professional Member and Clinical Supervisor

National Hypnotherapy Register of Australia – Clinical Hypnotherapist, Virtual Band Hypnotherapist & Sex Therapist

Australian Counsellors Association – Registered Counsellor

Australian National Hypnotherapy Register – ASCH & AHA

Australian Society of Sex Educators, Researchers and Therapists – Professional Member – Sex Therapist & Relationship Counsellor

The Australian Hypnotherapists Association is a member association of PACFA (Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia).

Jeremy Barbouttis is bound by these associations’ Codes of Ethics, education and insurance requirements.

What are Jeremy Barbouttis’s qualifications?

Master of Arts (UTS)

Master of Health Science (USyd)

Graduate Diploma in Emotionally Focused Therapy (IEFT)

Diploma of Teaching (MIHE)

Diploma of Hypnotherapy & Counselling (AAH)

Diploma of Ego State Therapy (Dr. Gordon Emmerson PhD)

Certificate IV in Clinical Hypnotherapy (AAH)

NLP Practitioner

Certified Clinical Supervisor (AHA & ASCH)

What now?

You can make further enquiries or make an appointment by picking up the phone and calling (02) 9518 9912.

You can also make further enquires or request an appointment by simply filling in the form below:

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