Can phobias be cured by Hypnosis?

Phobias and Hypnosis


Why does this lift worry me?

Why do I panic in the car when driving?

Why am I like this?

Why do I panic/get nervous when I am going to speak to a group?

I know that flying is safer than driving, but why am I scared?

Sound familiar? You don’t need to feel nervous or panic any more! 

Help is here!

Things you should know about phobias:

1. Phobias can always be cured by hypnosis. With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programing and Hypnosis, the link between the cause of your phobia and the reaction you are having can be broken, creating the opportunity for calmer behaviour to result.

2. Talking about a phobia doesn’t really help. Have you ever found yourself talking about a phobia or fear that you have and found that it actually gets worse?  Many people even try talking to themselves by saying, for example, “Don’t worry, don’t get nervous” etc, but what happens? They get worse!

3. Phobias are all the same. I know there are many different kinds of phobias, but essentially they all develop because of something in the past and the treatments involved in fixing them are essentially the same. It is not the phobia that is different, it is the situation in which it occurs that is different. So, phobias can be cured with Hypnosis.

4. Phobias are all different. I know I just said that they are all the same, and this is largely true, but what is different is the situation, as mentioned. This also means that the people that have the phobias are all unique people and there are subtle differences because of their personality or even in the actual phobia itself.

5. Phobias themselves don’t really tell the truth. I’ll give an example here. If someone says I have a spider phobia, it might really be a fear of being bitten and poisoned, or a fear of flying might be actually a fear of crashing and burning alive. So, the label for the phobia doesn’t often identify what the real fear is.

6. Drugs don’t cure phobias. There is medication that can be prescribed, but like all anxiety medication, the symptoms return once the medications is stopped. Hypnosis offers a drug free treatment and cure. Phobias can be cured with Hypnosis.

7. Your life doesn’t need to be limited by phobias. When people see me about phobias, it is often because the phobia itself is affecting another area of their life. A person with a fear of spiders cannot enjoy gardening. The person with a fear of flying cannot travel. The public speaking phobic fears they will be viewed a failure for avoiding meetings  and will not progress in their career. Hypnosis can change all of that, because phobias can be cured with Hypnosis.

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