Dealing with Issues related to Past Trauma

Childhood memories can affect us at any time both consciously and unconsciously.

As an Emotionally Focused  Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist, Jeremy specialises in helping people come to terms with their past traumas, and deal with present situations/relationships where such trauma may be being reactivated.

Past trauma can show itself in the way we relate to others. It can also show itself in the way we think or feel about ourselves. It can also show itself as feelings of depression and anxiety, or in addictions. Some people experience their past trauma with symptoms typical of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. This is a series of psychological and physical symptoms that have the likelihood of trauma as their cause.

While trauma can certainly be the result of sexual and physical abuse at any age, it can also be the result of unhealthy or abusive relationships, accidents at work or in traffic, debilitating illness, unexpected loss, witnessing acts of violence, or hearing the stories of trauma others have gone through. These are just some typical examples of trauma causing events. However, each experience of trauma is particular to each individual, and everyone experiences trauma in their own unique way. Therefore, anything else you consider might have caused trauma to yourself or someone you know can be included. There is no exhaustive list.

Trauma affects not only the mind, but also our physiology and brain. While, understandably, trauma can result in all kinds of emotion, such as fear, anger, sadness and shame, it can also result in poor regulation of those and other emotions. This can mean being over regulated, under-regulated, or using substances or other addictions in order to sooth or distract from emotions unhealthily. Trauma also effects every aspect of the body. This can be both directly and indirectly, and may even include pain.

If you need help resolving trauma, then Jeremy can help you to release, express, and heal the impact of such trauma. You can call Jeremy if you wish to discuss further.