Hypnotherapy for Bulimia

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Hypnotherapy for Bulimia is effective in helping someone with bulimia stop the cycle of binging and purging, feel better about themselves, and feel more self accepting and confident. Most people associate Bulimia with vomiting after eating. While it is certainly typical of bulimia, those that struggle with it will tell you that it is actually much more than that. The behaviour is an addiction and is driven by emotional factors. The addiction is a combination of a set of behaviours compelled by emotions, which can include binge eating (usually excessive carbohydrates), exercising for hours, eating till extremely full and vomiting food up during and after meals. Purging can occur in different formats; it can be through vomiting, by excessive exercise or with the use of laxatives. Many people who struggle with bulimia engage in a combination of these methods of purging, or move from one to another. This need is often driven by an exaggerated need to be slim, distorted perception of body shape, fear of putting on weight, and/or guilt from eating. All of these symptoms can be resolved with the use of Hypnotherapy for Bulimia.

People who suffer from Bulimia often tend to binge eat. The binge eating will usually result in guilt and anxiety which drives the need to purge. After purging, there can be some relief, but often a feeling of tiredness and even depression results. The bulimic behaviour is usually kept a secret, resulting in feelings of shame and isolation.

How hypnotherapy can help

With addictions, the ability to choose to change ones behaviour is very difficult. This is because unresolved emotions lock distorted behaviours and thoughts in place. This is no different with treating Bulimia. However, once the unresolved emotions in the unconscious mind are resolved and released, then you are free to choose once more. Your distorted thoughts relax, and then you are able to take on different ways of thinking. In fact, you are likely to spontaneously begin to think in a much more healthy way, particularly around food and body image.

Clients’ Comments

Hi Jeremy,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your help.  I am very
pleased to say I have not relapsed, and am positive Bulimia is out of my
life once and for all.

Thanks again for your dedication.



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