Emotionally Focused Counselling & Psychotherapy

Jeremy helps with Depression, Anxiety and Relationship issues.

Individual Counselling:

Jeremy utilises Emotionally Focused Counselling and associated interventions effectively to help individuals work towards the resolution they seek. Emotionally Focused Counselling provides an alternative to traditional Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as it understands that underlying unresolved emotional issues are the basis for mental health issues and unhelpful patterns of relating to others.

Couples and Relationship Counselling:

Jeremy also helps couples experiencing relationship difficulties. These can be in the area of communication, decision making and/or intimacy. Jeremy assists couples to identify their repetitive patterns that lead to relationship breakdowns. Interventions and processes are employed to help couples utilise skills that create positive communication, better decision making processes, and positive intimate connections.

Emotionally Focused Counselling and Psychotherapy

Emotionally Focused Counselling and Psychotherapy.jpgEmotions are the language of the unconscious mind. Counselling and Therapy involves exploring and processing emotional reactions to free one’s self of unpleasant feelings and compulsive behaviour. Failure to gain such insight and emotional resolution often results in one or more of the following:

1. Feeling stuck and unresolved;

 2. Being caught up in addictive behaviours;

 3. Feeling confused and even out of control of reactions and behaviour;

 4. Negative thinking;

 5. Having difficulty in relationship;

 6. Feeling negative about the world;

 7. Feeling anxious;

 8. Being confused about emotional reactions, such as with phobias and fears.

This list is not exhaustive. There are many possible negative outcomes that can be either psychological, relational and/or physical in nature. 

Resolution of emotional states and reactions can result in significant and profound changes in one’s relationship with themselves, the world around them and people in it. Emotionally Focused Therapy and Counselling interventions can be employed to produce such outcomes.

What clients say…

I think I should be forthcoming in my praise for you. You really are the beez neez!  You really devote your life to helping people and I can see this when I take a session with you. I wish there were more unsung hero’s like you out there. I hold you in the highest regard.


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