Hypnotherapy for Anger

Anger.jpgAnger is a powerful emotion. It is an emotion that can muster fierce energy at times. It is an emotion that can defend or protect. It can tell us when we have been violated or treated unfairly. It can come from hurt or sadness. Anger can also give us power and make us powerful in the eyes of others, when asserted well.

However, anger can also cause fear, lead to abuse, hurt others and even hurt ourselves. Sometimes people become angry with themselves for a range of reasons. Other people might be anger with a situation, but feel stuck in that anger. There are a lot of possibilities too numerous to write about. 

When we get stuck in our anger, or become angry with ourselves, it can get us down and lower our self esteem. This can then make us sad and affect your health and well-being. Anger is felt in the body and stays in the body and may even lead to depression. It could also pop up at unexpected times, or at times that remind us of the source of the anger.

Hypnotherapy can help you to release unresolved anger, leading to a sense of freedom and well-being. It can also help you to build confidence and self esteem and restore happiness.