Hypnotherapy for Nail-Biting & Hair-Pulling

Hypnotherapy for Drinking, Nail-biting, Picking, Eating, Procrastination and more…

Everyday Jeremy helps people take back control over their lives, health and future.

Get help with Drinking, Drug-taking, Smoking, Nail-biting, Facial Picking, Eating, Hair-Pulling (Trichotillomania), procrastination, and more.

Tired of losing control of alcohol? Tried to cut down or stop  on your own and just couldn’t manage it? Perhaps you said to yourself that you wouldn’t drink tonight, only to find yourself staggering to bed drunk again! Or, maybe you couldn’t resist the temptation when around your friends who drink!  Or, maybe you managed to stay off the alcohol for a limited period of time, only to find yourself right back where you started.

Jeremy helps:

1. Social Drinkers

2. Regular drinkers

3. Habitual drinkers

4. Binge Drinkers

5. Addicted Drinkers (Alcoholics)

Jeremy specialises in helping with addictions and compulsive habits.
Hypnotherapy for Nail-biting, Picking, Hair-Pulling & Eating

Persistent habits that you cannot break on your own generally have two parts. The first part is the habitual behaviour. This might be in the form of routines or associations. Routines, or rituals are when you always do something at a particular time of the day. Associations are when you connect the habit with something else you might be doing. For example, biting your nails while watching TV, or smoking while on the phone. Smoking and drinking is one association that is very common. Gambling and drinking is another common association.
Secondly, most addictive habits have an emotional component. Hypnotherapy can work very well in eliminating the feelings of being drawn towards whatever your habit might be. In other words, hypnotherapy can eliminate the urge.

Hypnotherapy Deals with Unconscious Factors

The great thing about hypnosis is that it allows access to the unconscious part of the mind where the cause of the habit and urge can be located,  leading to elimination of the urge and habitual behaviour. Ceasing any habit then becomes so easy, (as clients often put it).

End Compulsive Eating or Smoking

Any complusive habit, including eating and smoking, often has at the cause a negative emotion, like anxiety, depression, loneliness, boredom or even stress. In order to cope with these feelings, people will usually reach for something that disctracts their mind. Some people say they even ‘zone out’ when engaging in their compusive habit, including smoking and eating. This zoning out is a form of escape from the feelings. Hypnosis helps to deal directly with the negative feelings leading to a change in behaviour and mood, and an elimination of the habit. Read more about hypnosis and weight loss by clicking here.

Therapeutic Approach Means Lasting Change

Hypnosis can do two things. Firstly, it can help you with any feelings that are driving your towards any  kind of distructive habitual behaviour, be it eating, drinking, smoking, drug taking or even nail biting. (There is no limit to what the habit could be). The second thing it can do is simply change the habitual behaviour. You then become free from your old habit.

Because habits usually have at least two components, we recommend that you expect to have at least two to four hypnosis sessions. One to two for the breaking of the associations, and one to two sessions to redirect the behavior toward something more satisfying. For example, when you feel bored, your response becomes finding something fun or interesting to do or learn. This also applies to many addictions including alcoholism, gambling, drug addiction, compulsive shopping, or sexual addictions.


Hypnotherapy for Procrastination


Procrastination occurs if you are putting things off to your own detriment. Like all bad habits, it could be something you are tried to overcome without success. Some people who see Jeremy for procrastination might have some problems with just getting organised, and for others chronic procrastination may have anxiety or fear as its cause. It is surprising how such emotions can play tricks on our mind to create excuses to do other things, leading to procrastination.

Procrastination can take many forms and could be just a bad habit, laziness, compulsion or even a form of addiction. Jeremy helps people with all kinds of procrastination. You can call him on (02) 9518 9912, use the form in the sidebar, or use the chat widget (if available).


Clients’ Comments

Hi Jeremy

I am pleased to say I feel XXXXX has made great progress and you have done an amazing job for me. Thankyou.I feel sure her life is now on the right track.I will keep your details on file should I need you in the future, be it XXXXX or anyone of our family.Thankyou once again.CheersXXXXX

Thanks Jeremy

I haven’t bitten my nails since my first visit to you and really feel like I’ve
broken the habit.  They are starting to grow quite long now which is a
first for me and I’m really happy with the results.  In fact I feel great.

I really must thank you for enabling me to break my life long habit.  I am
very grateful, still baffled but as we discussed, it works so don’t analyse
it too much!

Vicki Woods

Hi Jeremy,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your help.  I am very
pleased to say I have not relapsed, and am positive Bulimia is out of my
life once and for all.

Thanks again for your dedication.



I initially met Jeremy to stop smoking, I was so impressed by the immediate success we had with this, that I flew the 5,000 miles back to see him again to work on some other things I needed help with. Since then, in just a few sessions, he has enabled me to stop two drug addictions and dramatically reduce and control my drinking (I did not want to stop the social aspect of drinking altogether). The work we have done on letting go of past pain and anger, has allowed me to move on from a number of childhood and young adult traumas. I feel happier, more balanced and stable than I ever previously. I cannot recommend both Jeremy or his personal style of hypnotherapy high enough.

If you have any questions about how Jeremy can help you succeed in making some really meaningful changes in your life, give him a call, send a message using the form in the sidebar, or chat (if the chat widget is available).

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