Hypnotherapy for Negativity & Self Criticism

Woman Autumn dayIf you notice that your thoughts are becoming dark and more negative, this might be a sign of depression. It can become difficult to stay and feel positive if your thoughts are always turning to negative ideas, like nobody liking you, or feeling like nothing ever works out, or you always get things wrong.

Another way that these dark thoughts effect people is in their criticism. Self criticism is a typical symptom and cause of depression and low self esteem.  Hypnotherapy can help in a number of very important ways to reduce, eliminate and resolve negative thinking. The first of these is to identify the negative thoughts and their impact on your life and well being. Secondly is to identify the cause of the negative thoughts. This helps to take the power out of the them. Thirdly is to strengthen the positive thoughts and thinking that make you feel confident and use these to challenge and eliminate the negative thinking. Another really important task is to find out where the negative thoughts come from,  so that they can be released. 

Hypnotherapy is an excellent intervention to resolve and free yourself from the depressive influence of negative feelings once and for all. If you suffer from depression or negative thinking, why not make an appointment with Jeremy to resolve them today.