Low Levels of Motivation and Interest

Hypnotherapy for Low levels of Motivation and Interest


Depressed.jpgThere can be many factors that affect motivation and interest. Sometimes we just lose interest in in a hobby or past time, because we might become more interested in something else. However, losing motivation and interest in things generally, withdrawing and no longer wanting to participate in the things in life that challenge or give pleasure and enjoyment, might be a sign of feeling depressed or down. 

You might know why you are feeling this way, or you may not. Either way, it is important to take action to get the enjoyment back in life. Taking action to regain confidence and energy to get things done, grow in life and make things better is really important. If you find yourself not having the level of motivation or interest you once had, then this might be a sign that something needs to be done.

Hypnotherapy assists by looking into the feelings that might be zapping energy, or making you feel down, and taking away your interest in doing things. There might also be circumstances that are causing you to feel this way. Lifestyle can also be another cause for such concerns. Most people begin to feel better straight away with hypnotherapy. Jeremy can also assist you to resolve any underlying concerns to support you in returning to a more normal level of functioning.