Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking & Blushing Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking Fears

Public speaking anxiety and fear

Scared public speakerJust the thought of having to make speeches in public or giving professional presentations can give you butterflies in your stomach and make your legs feel like jelly. Then when the time comes, these feelings can result in your mind becoming cluttered and confused and your voice racing or shaking and not conveying the confident assured tone you need to make a good impression. Trying to remember all the things you want to say, sounding natural or even self assured becomes impossible. A fear you are looking nervous or incompetent comes ver you. For some people, a little voice inside panics that you are making a complete fool of yourself. You might feel the added fear you are letting your friend, yourself, or boss down. You are going to be a disappointment. The panic increases and you might get through it, (or you might freeze) only to be left feeling exhausted, …with nagging persistent thoughts of how badly you performed, a sense of failure, perhaps feelings of being depressed, or worried about the next time when it comes round. You might even be worried how this will effect your (new) job, or how you are viewed by others. Now is the time to act to make things better.

How we see ourselves affects our emotions during performance
Public Speaking Fear

The worry increases and you now see yourself as someone who is not very good at presentations, shy and blushing, or fearful of presenting. This may not be new. You have been feeling this way for a long time. You may have noticed it from a certain point. It might have been in a prevous job, at university, or at school. Your job has changed, and now you find yourself having to present more. You have a wedding speech to give, or your boss or someone has commented at how nervous you looked during a presentation. If you weren’t already feeling this way, you are now  starting to feel ashamed at your lack of confidence when presenting. The person you see yourself as normally around the office is now going to be let down by your nervous reaction to speaking in front of others. You get worried others will see your nerves. Perhaps you don’t believe in yourself when it comes to presenting.

Frustration to apply pressure makes things worse

A common immediate solution to a poor performance is to berrate one’s self, telling one’s self they are not good enough in a multitude of varying ways. Feeling bad about one’s performance, going over and over it in one’s head to confirm just how bad it really was is a very typical reaction to a bad performance. Public Speaking anxiety for some people can be so contradictory to how they are normally, or the position they hold, that they feel mortified. The answer might be to get very frustrated that things should be better. Lementing sets in that things are not better, or perhaps getting worse, and the emotions take over. This way of trying to fix one’s self only serves to reinforce the self perception that you are a poor performer. It makes you more nervous for next time, and reinforces the poor experience you just had, along with others from the past. This leaves you with the feeling that something is terribly wrong and needs to be worried and anxious about. This negative feedback loop just makes things worse.

The impact of therapeutic intervention

Imagine a different experience. Imagine that you have a presentation or speech to give, or you need to speak impromptu and you just do it. It happens. Up you get and off you go. You are becoming more outspoken. You are more of the person you want and need to be. “How?” you might wonder. “What happens to make that possible?”

Hypnotherapy breaks the negative feedback loop and all of the elements in it. There is no more ruminating. The frustration with yourself and negative self-talk are released. You take more control over your emotions and feel more confident at the same time. Your confident voice returns, or you discover you have a confident voice, if this is new. The habits of applying excessive pressure unhealthily to fix yourself eases or stops so you can regain control.  You see yourself as a good confident presenter, and feel really positive about that. The feedback loop turns the other way, and for every calm, positive, confident experience you have, you feel happier in all areas of life. You don’t have to be presenting to experience this. You might just feel it generally, or at least when thinking about presentations. It just seems so much easier and doable. You feel great!

Positive change becomes inevitable

Whether it’s business presentations, speeches, speaking at a wedding, or giving academic presentations, Hypnotherapy can help by building up your confidence and make you feel calm and relaxed. Jeremy also goes into your unconscious mind to find the cause of the unconfident or nervous reactions to public speaking and neutralises it, so that you are no longer affected by it.

Hypnotherapy for Blushing

Blushing is something that most people experience at different times. Blushing occurs when the tiny capillaries widen in our skin, increasing blood flow causing an increased redness in the skin’s surface. This might normally happen when we have been exerting ourselves exercising or we are stimulated in some other way, like in hot or cold weather. A range of emotional responses, such as anger, shame or embarrassment can also result in blushing.

However, the kind of blushing that normally concerns people is social blushing. This can occur in the following situations:

– When taken by surprise

– When someone feels they have been ‘caught out’

– When embarrassed

– When made the focus of attention

– And more


For some people, a fear of the blushing itself can also arise, and this can have an affect on confidence in social and even work situations.

How does blushing become a problem?

There is not necessarily a single common reason for blushing developing into a constant anxiety reaction, as people can become self conscious for lots of reasons. However, at the core is often a sense or strong feeling that there is something wrong with the person that blushes, often because they blush, and the person worries about this. They become worried that their blushing will be seen and others might think there is something wrong with them for their blushing. There are many variations on this theme, but this is a common experience.

Underlying the blushing may be some unresolved emotions which give the blushing and anxiety energy. This is where Hypnotherapy comes in. Hypnotherapy helps to change how one feels about themselves and release any unresolved emotions that could be causing anxiety.

How can Hypnotherapy Help?

Hypnosis can help to stop blushing in a number of different ways. It can build your confidence, help you engage different emotions and therefore different reactions in those situations, and re-program you so that your automatic response in these situations is one of comfort. As a result you will feel more at ease and more relaxed and have a greater sence of control over your reactions.

Jeremy helps people overcome fears of blushing all the time and understands the affect that this can have on your overall confidence.

Clients comments

“Hi Jeremy,

I just thought I’d let you know how I went. I spoke really well. I really didn’t feel or sound nervous at all, so you did very well.

Thanks again, you definitely made all the difference.”

GN Lawyer

“Hi Jeremy,

Just to let you know the wedding speech went extremely well. I have never felt so calm speaking in front of a group of people before. I actually got a few laughs (laughing with me I hope) and afterwards a number of people commented on how nice my speech was.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help over the past few months. You have helped me overcome a number of issues that have been haunting me for a long time.



Hi Jeremy,

Well, I am finally back in town. Took some time off to go surfing, after the wedding…which went…amazingly!! Speech was fantastic the whole way through. From start to finish… confident, funny, witty! Many compliments on the night, but maybe they were just drunk! Ha
Anyway regardless, it went perfectly, and I enjoyed every second of it!

Thank you so much for guiding me through the journey over the last few months. I won’t forget it!
It was a pleasure meeting & working with you, and maybe I’ll drop in from to time for another session… who knows!

Thank you again… all the best with your future

Taking the next step

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