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Young couple quarellingRelationships are important to us. While they can be our greatest source of joy, they can also be our greatest source of suffering. Others around us, particularly our closest relationships can be like mirrors in which we see ourselves and get feedback about who we are. How we feel about ourselves is often dependent on how those relationships go. Conversely, how we feel about ourselves affects how our relationships play out. It is often within the context of relationships that problems and conflicts occur. We often blame either ourselves or the other person when things go wrong.

Jeremy is a relationship specialist who can assist in identifying what the problems are in a relationship. He can help you see the patterns and identify the underlying causes for them. There are strategies that can help to change those patterns, including hypnotherapy. Such changes in experience with your partner and yourself lead to the return of positive feelings about the relationship.

Sometimes is it better to acknowledge that a relationship is coming to an end, or needs to end. Jeremy can assist and guide you through the often painful processes of letting go and leaving a situation that is unhealthy and unviable in the long term.

Break-ups can be very painful. The process of letting go of the inevitable hurt, pain, sadness, loss and anger can be facilitated through hypnotherapy & counselling. If you have gone through a recent break-up, Jeremy can assist you to get your life back and move on.

If you’re feeling that you need help with relationship issues and need more information, or to make an appointment why not get in touch with Jeremy. He is will only be too happy to assist.

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