Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety
Anxiety can be like being in the eye of a twister

Anxiety is one of the most common issues that I deal with, as clients find that hypnotherapy is a very effective therapy for treating anxious states. However, it is not until anxiety is interfering with having a healthy and productive life that one usually takes action. Symptoms or conditions that may have anxiety underlying the issue include compulsive habits, addictions (including smoking), phobias, blushing, public speaking fear, insomnia, or even depression. Many medical conditions have also been treated successfully by focusing on the cause of clients’ anxiety. One medical issue where treating both the symptoms and underlying anxiety with hypnosis has been shown in research to have a significant impact and lead to full recovery is Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Once people have tried hypnotherapy and experienced first hand the immediate and often profound effects and improvements it has on negative feelings, word spreads quickly. Despite this, people still often wonder if it will help them. This attitude of course is healthy. One should not rush into therapy, however, it has been my experience that hypnotherapy is a very effective treatment for anxiety, leading to clients overcoming their negative feelings and fears to reach their potential in their lives. The anxiety may have been inhibiting their success at work and their social interactions. In some instances the anxiety may have stopped them from experiencing life altogether by keeping them indoors, as they avoided being in situations that created the anxious feelings. Some people become so overcome with panic and anxiety that they find it debilitating.

So, how does hypnotherapy help someone with anxiety? This really depends on what the symptoms are. For public speaking and blushing issues, Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques which enable you to access and utilise calmer states is often the most effective in creating a quick change and seeing results sooner rather than later. This can then be followed up with hypnoanalytical techniques to find and treat the cause of the anxiety. Processing of anxious states so that they become much happier and calmer can also be applied in Ego-State Therapy, which has enormous benefits. Adding counselling and some Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as needed creates lasting and effective change.

So can hypnosis help with your anxious or nervous state? The answer to this question is… yes it can. Many clients I see have tried other therapies but find great success with hypnosis.

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