Outline for Hypnotherapy Workshops


Designed to cater to the needs and interests of qualified

Psychologists, Counsellors, Social Workers and other Clinicians

looking to broaden their understanding and skills of the Theory and Application of hypnotherapy.

Workshops are held primarily at the St James Trust Building, Level 2 185 Elizabeth St, Sydney.

Workshops are also available for Supervision groups, Community Counselling Centres, and multi-therapist practices.

Workshops are tailored to participants’ needs, interests and skill level.

All workshops involve practical demonstrations, role-plays and skills practice.

Supervision also available

More information: Call 9518 9912



Introduction to Hypnotherapy (2 Hrs) $80

1. Why Hypnotise
2. What is hypnosis
3. Managing clients’ expectations and fears
4. Susceptibility & Suggestibility
5. Inducing Hypnosis
6. Working with different personalities
7. Integration of therapeutic paradigms


Introduction to Therapeutic Skills (2 Hrs) $80

8. Suggestion therapy and the healing trance
9. Generative Trance
10. Working with smoking and weight loss


Introduction to Working with Emotions (2 Hrs) $80

11. Working with emotional states in Hypnosis.
12. Releasing emotions in Hypnosis
13. Working with emotions from the present


Introduction to Advanced Interventions (2 Hrs) $80

14. Working with emotions from the past
15. Releasing emotions from the past
16. Age Regression
17. Affect Bridge
18. Ideomotor Questioning

Advanced Understanding and Skills (2 Hrs) $80

19. Healing past emotions
20. Working with Compulsive behaviour
21. Healing Past Wounds