Hypnotherapy for Addictions

Hypnotherapy helps with all kinds of addictions.
Alcohol – Gambling – Smoking – Vaping – Cannabis – Cocaine – Methamphetamine – Sex/Porn
Have you tried everything and don’t know how to stop?
Hypnotherapy and addiction
Hypnotherapy helps addictions
Are you trapped in the cycle of addiction?

Many people wish they had thought of Hypnotherapy sooner, once they see how successful it is.

Hypnotherapy STOPS you.

There is nothing worse than being your own enemy. Many people with addictions find their greatest battle is with themselves. Hypnotherapy can help your mind align so that all of you works for the same goal of stopping. This makes stopping so much easier, when you find your unconscious mind stops you from doing the very thing you least want to do.

Hypnotherapy gives you CONTROL.

If you feel that things are out of control then Hypnotherapy gives you that control back so that nothing can take it away from you again. Regaining control may very well be the most common reason people actually come to see me to help them overcome their addictions.

Hypnotherapy helps to release URGES.

Just imagine for a moment that instead of feeling like doing the thing you are addicted to, you actually either DON’T feel like doing it any more, or you feel like NOT doing it any more. 

Either way, it is better than feeling like you have to do it!

Hypnotherapy helps to RELAX the mind!

Imagine a life free of the internal battle. Imagine those nagging thoughts not being their. Imagine the freedom of that!

Hypnotherapy helps with GUILT!

If you feel bad about your addiction, then you are in good company – most people do. But, GUILT  is a common cause of anxiety and depression. Believe it or not, such anxiety and depression can  make the addiction worse, as one looks for relief from anxiety and depression through their addiction. Hypnotherapy can break this vicious cycle and help you to be free from such guilt.

Hypnotherapy helps with SELF ESTEEM.

Once your guilt and addiction are gone, you can start believing in yourself again. Most people also feel better about themselves from their hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy helps with UNDERLYING ISSUES.

If your addiction is related to any underlying issues or past trauma, Jeremy can help with Hypnotherapy and other appropriate interventions. Healing from past trauma can free you from addictions and addictive behaviours. 

Hypnotherapy helps with all kinds of addictions.
Alcohol – Gambling – Smoking – Vaping – Cannabis – Cocaine – Methamphetamine – Sex/Porn
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