Fear, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Hypnotherapy For Fear, Anxiety And Panic Attacks in Sydney

Hypnotherapy for Fear & Anxiety

While many people may experience fear or panic in certain situations in the case of phobias, others may experience fear and anxiety in less isolated circumstances. They may not consider it to be a phobia as much as intense fear felt quite often. They may have a fear of lots of things, like riding in a car, or taking any form of transport, or a fear of strangers. It might seem unexplained or exaggerated for the situation. Sometimes, such fear can make us worry excessively, or even obsess about things that might go wrong. If we try to work against those fears, and it goes wrong, we might become very negative towards ourselves and beat ourselves up. This can lead to depression.

People who experience such unexplained fear may have past trauma that has taught them to be excessively fearful, even though in their current lives such fear is unwarranted. Some people develop addictions, or other coping mechanisms to help them cope with such fears. Avoidance is a typical example of a coping mechanism.

How can Hypnotherapy help with anxiety and stress?

Hypnotherapy can help people with such fears in the following ways:

  • To become calmer. Hypnotherapy has an amazing calming effect.
  • To learn to regulate and control your fear.
  • To release fear.
  • To learn to control negative thought patterns.
  • To change negative thoughts to positive ones.
  • To find the origins of the fear and connect an adult & logical perspective to it.
  • Heal the fear completely, so it does not return.
  • To build feelings of safety, warmth and comfort.
  • To build inner personal strength.
  • To create a feeling of self love, peace and happiness.

Take the next step and enquire about hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks

Skepticism is an inherent aspect of being fearful. It is important and assists us in keeping safe. Jeremy has helped many people move past all kinds of fears. In fact, he specialises in helping people move past their fears, as well as healing all kinds of trauma from the past, as well as conditions such as depression. It is a big step coming to see someone to heal and move past intense fears and taking that step can be scary in itself. Jeremy works to keep you feeling safe at all times, and ensures you never feel pressured. Hypnotherapy with a skilled therapist is a very powerful tool to help you let go of all kinds of fears. It might be time for you to take the first step. This only requires making an initial appointment. If you feel comfortable, then you can explore hypnotherapy and how it can help you overcome your fears. You could end up surprising yourself, all by taking that first step.

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